Elvis’s Blog

Hi everyone.  This is my first blog about, well, pretty much anything, from today’s top sports stories to anything headlining the news, to movies, music, etc.  First off, I say that #3 Boise State, in College Football, should get a National title shot, even though that school is a non-BCS school. 

Here’s why I think Boise State should play in the National Title game.  First off, they absolutely destroyed their opponents in 2 of their last 3 games, beating New Mexico State 59-0 on the road, and then beating Toledo 57-14 a week later at home.  They also have a win against Wyoming at Wyoming, beating them 51-6.  I think that if your posting up scores like that for at least 3 weeks, your team should be at least in the running for a title, either  at the college level or at the Pro level. 

Let’s say that if they used the college system rankings in the Pro level, and one team goes undefeated.  It would be unfair for that team to play that hard, win every game, and yet not go to the Super Bowl.  This is the reason why the Pros don’t play that way.  They have rankings, but only the teams with the best records get to, at least, have a shot at getting to, and playing in, the Super Bowl for the NFL world title.  I say they should have this kind of system in college, where the best teams from a conference, even if that conference is not allowed to have their schools compete for the college football title, compete in a playoff-format.  That way, they could determine who will play for a title, and all the other teams will compete in another Bowl game, based on their records. 

I will leave it at that.